Vivaldi’s World

Vivaldi Takes Considers a New Perspective

10 responses to “Vivaldi’s World

  1. Vivaldi is madder than a hornet at me since I had to treat his ears for ear mites. He is currently glaring at me from under the table.

  2. Sound asleep and unaware that Maukie the Virtual Cat has moved in on his territory.

  3. Found his sparkly fuzzy which was in the bag with the unopened catnip. He managed to stalk it, maul it, and then lose it again – he was sitting on it. Thankfully, despite the catnip infusion, he didn’t consume a bag of cat food and then yuck it up all over.

  4. Vivaldi has been driving me crazy since three this morning when we had to go look at his bowl. He has been staring at me and managed to get his tail squashed underfoot. Ice cubes in his water….still not happy. Finally I dumped his cat food…maybe something spilled on it? After a closer look it wasn’t cat food at all…it was DOG food. Oh the horror!

  5. Yoga with Cats:
    Started doing yoga this morning after a VERY long absence – like a year. Of course, I had a partner who found it convenient to plop down on my yoga mat and role over in his own version meditative exercise. However, I just pushed him around or worked around him and continued. We contemplated our age and inflexibility after I was done.

  6. Totally persona non grata at the moment after the annual visit to the vet. Even though Dr. Marissa hugged and loved on him, telling him how handsome he is….he is STILL mad at ME!

  7. Excessive heat has led to excessive shedding which has led to excessive yaking. Ughh!! Poor baby is now subject to daily brushing and had a bath.

  8. Vivaldi’s life has taken a turn in the unexpected with the arrival of a stray kitten late last fall. He is thoroughly digusted by her lack of decorum (sitting in the dishwasher, hiding in cupboards, getting lost in blankets) and her obvious lack of manners (regular body slams on the way to the food bowl). Additionally, he had to down two – count them two! – pills while she only had one to treat possible worms.

  9. Major snow storm has gripped our part of the world. Bring Chip into the fray. After everyone settled down this morning, I realized that our three “children” have taken on the characteristics of their approximate birth order. Chip is the oldest and tries everything and generally thinks he is in charge. Vivialdi has become the often overlooked middle child – further reason for the look of disdain on his face. And Boo has taken on the role of the spoiled baby. Hmmmm.

  10. After only six weeks of residence in a new home, Vivaldi has managed to figure out how to let me know he wants in the house at 5 am. Since he can no longer hang from the window screens because the windows are too high, he now sits in the driveway under my window and yowls.

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