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Lost My Way


I made several of these solar jar lights this spring as gifts for special students. Something to light their path in case they lost their way …looking at the one I saved for myself…I realize that it was me who got lost.


A Fishy….Fishy Tale

Fish Tank Void of Fish

This is our fish tank.  It has NO fish in it.  A decided to use her confirmation and birthday money to buy a fish tank.  Her father and I have supplemented at least twice what she started with to get this project right.

The body count is currently TWELVE and we are on probation with the garden store until we get the water chemistry stabilized.  Seriously???!!!  Dad and I both agree….here it comes…when we were kids… we had a bowl, water from the hose, and some fish that lived forever.
That doesn’t seem to be the case now.  We have a bubbler, a heater (returned – water got too warm), a filter, and more pharmaceuticals than we have for ourselves. After the last trip to the garden center with the “body,” I left with new instructions, a handful of pamphlets, and a deflated sense of self. A pointed out “why are we getting all of this literature now….and why does each pamphlet contradict the others?”
So…we have an empty fish tank which seems to be doing fine…for now.  Maybe we will just leave it like that.

Reflections on a Watering Can

Although it is much more efficient to unwind the hose and spray all the pots and plants, I have found some particular comfort in the watering can. Fill, empty, fill, empty, fill again. It is a process that requires one to stand still for more than ten seconds. It also has turned a chore into something more contemplative and peaceful-something that I appreciate after a busy and stressful school year and more changes in store for next fall.  I feel truly drained and empty  – looking for a way to recharge my creative spirit. Watering each pot, one by one, allows me to really look at the flowers and reminds me to stop, think, and be grateful for each blessing, large and small.

Save Money, Live Better….And Make Yourself Insane!

I generally try to keep my blogging in a positive vein….but I  just have to comment on a recent change in the retail environment.  In our area, the local Walmart is being renovated.  Currently, the crackers are located by the cat food both of which were moved to where the towels used to be and are now located in the garden center.  The shoes are in three separate areas and good luck finding the chocolate syrup.  Actually, I was in need of a yellow and red pepper and a zuchinni.  Unfortunately, the only produce available were apples, lettuce, and some potatoes…oh and boxes and boxes of bananas.  A sign stated we could ask for produce, but since the employees were arguing about something, we chose to forgo that option.

Since I am pretty easily confused anyway, this was a major catastrophe in terms of errand completion.  I count on routine and the permanent location of the crackers by the juice.  So – just a note – if your Walmart falls victim what appears to be a corporate upgrade, allow for extra time, wear running shoes, or avoid the location entirely until the smoke clears.

Have a great day!

Christmas Snow and Monkeys

This is what nineteen inches of snow looks like

Christmas came and went this year, somewhat disguised in a blur of blinding snow.  Like most people, we spent the holiday at home and with no possibility of going anywhere else.   With all the craziness of the holiday season, I think this was the Good Lord’s way of reminding us what does really matter.  We spent three days in our pajamas, playing games and watching movies.  When the skies finally cleared, we still had to wait for heavy equipment to dig us out. Thankfully, we had power throughout and plenty of provisions since Christmas dinner was supposed to be at our home.

Not sure what 2009 was on the Chinese calendar, but here it was the year of the sock monkey.  There seemed to be a sock monkey explosion at our house with monkeys, pajamas and slippers.  We made several of our new friends and purchased a couple.  Santa brought a lifesize monkey on Christmas morning.  His name is George Finkelmeier and is already the star of several videos that are still in the editing process.  He also surved an attack by the dog and the gash on his leg is healing nicely. We discovered that Fox River socks also come in blue – so we had to add a blue monkey (Max) to our family. 

Sock Monkey Christmas

Another blue monkey went to one of the little girls – and she promptly named it Sally.  A rainbow monkey was created from the crazy socks worn during basketball last season because someone just couldn’t part with them.  “A” has collected a few other pairs of crazy socks to create additional members of the gang.  Dad is a little concerned about all the monkey business going on -but a little harmless fun is always in order.

H1N1 and Pondering Life Upside Down

H and I are sifting through the Sunday paper in a fog of fatigue and fever induced confusion.  She’s wondering why the comics are only in color on Sunday.  No idea.  Three nights of little sleep and fever watch have left me in a state of dazed confusion.    Made a trip to the local Wal-Mart on Friday PM to stock up on Children’s Motrin and Tylenol – shelves were empty.  Two stores later – we finally had a new supply.  Kind of creepy and quite unsettling.  Couldn’t wait to get back home and maybe not leave again for awhile.  They are not kidding when they say to expect a fever of 102+.  Finally, turning a corner today. 

Vivaldi Takes Considers a New Perspective

Vivaldi Takes Considers a New Perspective

Vivaldi has abandoned his post at the end of the hall and spent time monitoring sleep and fevers with me.  He slept with A for awhile and sat on H’s floor to watch her sleep.  They have an understanding – he doesn’t sleep in her bed – and she doesn’t kick him off the bed.  He finally sacked out in our bed – finding that I probably needed the moral support.  Aside from his medical montoring activities, he’s taken an interest in peering over the banister and slapping unsuspecting individuals coming up the stairs.

We are not sure what he’s looking at – but he seems deep in thought about something.  We’ve all looked over the banister to see if there is really something to look at – nothing out of the ordinary –  except that the carpet on the steps desperately needs cleaning.  I don’t think he’s worrying about that.   

Gone Crazy

IMG_3843The dill seeds that we planted several years ago in the little herb garden have  migrated to the rock garden.  They run riot in the rocks.  We have snipped and dried enough to last the winter, leaving plenty of stalks for the black swallowtail catepillars to munch on as the weather cools.