Monthly Archives: September 2012

Grandma Vera

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Our journey continues in our new community with a new school and lots of changes for our girls.  A long commute for Mom and and a new job for Dad.  Several weeks into the new school year, things began to seem pretty bleak.  Lots of things weighing on my shoulders and sometimes the long drive resulted in too much think time.  Early mornings and late nights with little sleep also contributed to my black cloud.

However, one early morning, I had someone I love very much visit me in my dreams.  Grandma Vera was standing before me smiling and calling me “Cinders,” which was her way for thirty years.  Her presence was so near, and yet in a blink she was gone.

Did her memory bubble to the surface because it was September – our birthday month and the month she got sick?  During that terrible autumn, I baked and canned like a crazy woman to block out the pain of her leaving us. And the day we lost her, I felt her spirit whisp past me in our drafty kitchen in Osmond.  I was baking our favorite chocolate star cookies in an attempt to hang onto something that kept her close. This time, I am choosing to believe her visit was the sign I needed after a long silence. A message that all these things will be OK, just as they were when she first left us.