Monthly Archives: July 2012

Footprints in the Sand

For those who know us – you will know all the details regarding how our move came to be.  You will also know the pain and uncertainty that we experienced  over trying to make the best decision as parents, friends, and professionals.    You will also wonder with us how those with absolutely no integrity are able to sleep at night.  I would ask them, do you wonder how it feels to listen to your children cry as they pack their rooms in preparation for a move to a new home, a new school and a new life?  I would also tell them, we will move on, we will survive, and you will remain stuck and small minded.  And to quote a wise twelve year old (H) – Karma is like a rubber band – it can only stretch so far before it snaps back and hits you in the face.

Clearwater Beach, FL

What you may not know  – is that we have found that when there are only one set of footprints in the sand  – God is truly carrying us.  Our path is not our own – and sometimes God strikes us with a lightning bolt to get our attention.  When you have nothing else –  you have your faith and those who love you. Blessings to those who love us, support us, and have shown their friendship in small and large ways.