A Fishy….Fishy Tale

Fish Tank Void of Fish

This is our fish tank.  It has NO fish in it.  A decided to use her confirmation and birthday money to buy a fish tank.  Her father and I have supplemented at least twice what she started with to get this project right.

The body count is currently TWELVE and we are on probation with the garden store until we get the water chemistry stabilized.  Seriously???!!!  Dad and I both agree….here it comes…when we were kids… we had a bowl, water from the hose, and some fish that lived forever.
That doesn’t seem to be the case now.  We have a bubbler, a heater (returned – water got too warm), a filter, and more pharmaceuticals than we have for ourselves. After the last trip to the garden center with the “body,” I left with new instructions, a handful of pamphlets, and a deflated sense of self. A pointed out “why are we getting all of this literature now….and why does each pamphlet contradict the others?”
So…we have an empty fish tank which seems to be doing fine…for now.  Maybe we will just leave it like that.

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