Another Way to Waste Time….While Looking Busy

Image Retrieved from

Never a fan of hoky apps and electronic games, I am absolutely hooked on playing with Maukie – The Virtual Cat.  It is a gadget available for your Google homepage.  He purrs, he meows, he plays, and he twitches his ears as you move the cursor around the image.  COOL!!!!!  He also bears a striking resemblence to the main man in our household.  Vivaldi is not impressed – but little impresses him.  (Oh-except for the cotton ball that he chased, mauled and shredded on the carpet this morning AND my very expensive floor rug that he is bent on destroying by ripping tuft out of it.)

Incidentally, I have two projects to work on and some critical house cleaning to be done on this day home with a sick one – but I am playing with Maukie…but I look busy.


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