Kindle Komments

I seriously never thought I would admit that I could curl up with anything

Get One!

 other than a book – especially on a bad day.  However, I must admit that I have caught Kindle fever.  I have the app on my Blackberry and LOVE the idea of reading whatever I am in the mood for when I have a few minutes. I have downloaded a bizzilion free classics and some of my all time favorite titles.  I also love the sample feature – download the first chapter for free. 

Well – my sweetheart husband bought “his girls” a Kindle for Valentine’s day. The whole sharing thing was working out pretty well until…….   A pushed the technology envelope and took it to school for reading days. (Keep in mind Dad is the principal and treading lightly in the rapidy changing technology current.) His reasoning for the additional purchase is well founded. It goes something like this.

1.   A received an iPod Touch for Christmas two years ago.

2. H asked for an iPod shuffle (the most recent version was a stupid design anyway)and was pretty miffed when she realized she should have asked for the Touch.

3. Same Christmas, Dad bought Mom a Touch because he is just a great guy.

4. A few months ago, A took Mom’s T0uch because it has more memory and H inherited A’s Touch and is now happy – thus we are all happy.

5. Mom somehow lost out on the deal (inheriting the old Nano) and Dad is at the bottom of the technology totem pole with a historic original iPod Shuffle.

Well, I think he felt sorry for me since whenever I wanted to use my old Touch or the Kindle it was either absent or in need of a battery charge.

As a librarian, do I think the Kindle will replace a good bound book with paper pages – um, no.  But I do think the Kindle is another awesome tool to spark the reading interest in our struggling readers – And, it’s just cool!!!

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