Monthly Archives: August 2010

Save Money, Live Better….And Make Yourself Insane!

I generally try to keep my blogging in a positive vein….but I  just have to comment on a recent change in the retail environment.  In our area, the local Walmart is being renovated.  Currently, the crackers are located by the cat food both of which were moved to where the towels used to be and are now located in the garden center.  The shoes are in three separate areas and good luck finding the chocolate syrup.  Actually, I was in need of a yellow and red pepper and a zuchinni.  Unfortunately, the only produce available were apples, lettuce, and some potatoes…oh and boxes and boxes of bananas.  A sign stated we could ask for produce, but since the employees were arguing about something, we chose to forgo that option.

Since I am pretty easily confused anyway, this was a major catastrophe in terms of errand completion.  I count on routine and the permanent location of the crackers by the juice.  So – just a note – if your Walmart falls victim what appears to be a corporate upgrade, allow for extra time, wear running shoes, or avoid the location entirely until the smoke clears.

Have a great day!