Monthly Archives: December 2009

Christmas Snow and Monkeys

This is what nineteen inches of snow looks like

Christmas came and went this year, somewhat disguised in a blur of blinding snow.  Like most people, we spent the holiday at home and with no possibility of going anywhere else.   With all the craziness of the holiday season, I think this was the Good Lord’s way of reminding us what does really matter.  We spent three days in our pajamas, playing games and watching movies.  When the skies finally cleared, we still had to wait for heavy equipment to dig us out. Thankfully, we had power throughout and plenty of provisions since Christmas dinner was supposed to be at our home.

Not sure what 2009 was on the Chinese calendar, but here it was the year of the sock monkey.  There seemed to be a sock monkey explosion at our house with monkeys, pajamas and slippers.  We made several of our new friends and purchased a couple.  Santa brought a lifesize monkey on Christmas morning.  His name is George Finkelmeier and is already the star of several videos that are still in the editing process.  He also surved an attack by the dog and the gash on his leg is healing nicely. We discovered that Fox River socks also come in blue – so we had to add a blue monkey (Max) to our family. 

Sock Monkey Christmas

Another blue monkey went to one of the little girls – and she promptly named it Sally.  A rainbow monkey was created from the crazy socks worn during basketball last season because someone just couldn’t part with them.  “A” has collected a few other pairs of crazy socks to create additional members of the gang.  Dad is a little concerned about all the monkey business going on -but a little harmless fun is always in order.