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H1N1 and Pondering Life Upside Down

H and I are sifting through the Sunday paper in a fog of fatigue and fever induced confusion.  She’s wondering why the comics are only in color on Sunday.  No idea.  Three nights of little sleep and fever watch have left me in a state of dazed confusion.    Made a trip to the local Wal-Mart on Friday PM to stock up on Children’s Motrin and Tylenol – shelves were empty.  Two stores later – we finally had a new supply.  Kind of creepy and quite unsettling.  Couldn’t wait to get back home and maybe not leave again for awhile.  They are not kidding when they say to expect a fever of 102+.  Finally, turning a corner today. 

Vivaldi Takes Considers a New Perspective

Vivaldi Takes Considers a New Perspective

Vivaldi has abandoned his post at the end of the hall and spent time monitoring sleep and fevers with me.  He slept with A for awhile and sat on H’s floor to watch her sleep.  They have an understanding – he doesn’t sleep in her bed – and she doesn’t kick him off the bed.  He finally sacked out in our bed – finding that I probably needed the moral support.  Aside from his medical montoring activities, he’s taken an interest in peering over the banister and slapping unsuspecting individuals coming up the stairs.

We are not sure what he’s looking at – but he seems deep in thought about something.  We’ve all looked over the banister to see if there is really something to look at – nothing out of the ordinary –  except that the carpet on the steps desperately needs cleaning.  I don’t think he’s worrying about that.