Monthly Archives: June 2009

Laundry on the Line

sheetsThe first warm sunny day brings all the sheets off the beds and into the spring air.  Everyone seems to sleep better on sheets that have been warmed by the sun.  Dad and Grandpa built me a clothes line when we lived on the farm up North.  Several years after moving away, we put two holes in the siding to install a retractable clothes line.  No more borrowing the neighbors line to air out bedding on her non-laundry days. 

Although we still are negotiating the hanging of towels – some like them fluffy – some like them crisp – I hang things on the line whenever the weather cooperates.  Even though it is more work than stuffing sheets in the dryer – the feeling I get from hanging neat rows of laundry goes clear back to my childhood.  Hanging washclothes for my mom, and taking down laundry for Grandma at her house on the farm.