Monthly Archives: May 2009

Lilacs and Sunshine


The patio and gazebo are back together for the spring and summer season.  Vivaldi staked his claim in the sunshine this morning, clearly not willing to share his warm spot.  He is outside at night and inside with his feet in the air now that the weather is warm.  He spents his evenings pretending to be invisible in the tall grass. 

We planted a garden for the first time in ten years.  We both agree that it was alot easier a decade ago and we had a great deal more energy.  Things are coming up and we are looking forward to sharing the bounty and the work with the girls.

lilacWe have our own lilacs after a long wait, but they are not quite ready. Mr. Frog  joined the family this spring and was happy to host some lilacs from a friend’s yard.  Lilac season always reminds me of spring on the farm up  North.  It was time to open up the sand turtle for sand castles and the neighborhood mama cat stopped in to have her kittens and then leave them in our care later in the summer.  It is the time when things started to wake up and I brought both my babies home.  A. learned the color red by picking ripe strawberries.  Now that my babies are older, I sometimes feel like I am forgetting to do something during May and June.