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Cocoa and Candy Canes

Snowman Cocoa
Snowman Cocoa

Christmas is over and the tree and trappings are put away.  We left twinkle lights up to keep things looking cozy until spring returns – someday.  Today is January 1st and I am thinking about the new year to come.  My resolutions seem to get fewer and simpler as I get older because I have learned that life seems to happen regardless of what my plan happens to be. 

Be that as it may, some things don’t change.  The massive piles of snow linger despite the 40 degree weather over several days. We keep a supply of Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate Sensation cocoa on hand (Don’t skimp and don’t substitute) and the teapot ready for a quick batch after digging and playing in the snow.  We can also highly suggest some whip cream and shaved chocolate on the top.  That always seems to thaw out the little snow people when they come in from the cold.  It also makes a good ending to a busy day for Mom.