img_2469Civilization has reached rural Nebraska with the opening of a Starbucks within ten miles of home.  “V” was thrilled to be the first one to inform me of its impending arrival and even more thrilled to know that I hadn’t heard the big news yet.  Needless to say, he loaded my Starbucks card for my birthday and believes he is set for life as far as gift giving goes.  Now  I have my own Starbucks passport and am making my way through the array of roasts and flavors.  Collecting stickers from each bag of beans.  Can’t travel outside of the US, but I can go to Starbucks!

What is it about that simple green and white cup that brings peace to the soul and caffeine to the veins.  Sometimes I just stand and breathe the air in Starbucks and find myself full of gratitude for the simple things in life.

2 responses to “Starbucks

  1. It seems I’m the only one commenting on your blog… I recently gave up caffiene in the form of coffee, soda, etc as well as most sugar. Boy do I feel better and I don’t doze off in the afternoon like I used to. I still have a pumpkin spice latte every couple of weeks for a treat.

  2. Your considerable act of bravery is very impressive. I would need emergency medical care if I attempted such a feat. Thanks for commenting. It seems you are my only blogging audience.

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