Soup and Sweaters

Autumn Leaves By the Lake

Autumn Leaves By the Lake

Took a short drive to the lake to check out the fall colors. Looking for some consolation after taking the cover off the gazebo and moving the patio furniture inside.  The patio looks pretty bare and the morning glories are tipped with black after a light frost last week.

I always love this time of year, when the leaves have finally changed and are full of color but the air is still warm.  Soup and sweater weather. I always wish it would last longer, but it is fleeting.  I am always grateful for the color and warmth before the cold weather arrives and look forward to its arrival next year.   

We buy ALOT of apples and make a few trips to the local orchard.  We have been known to hike over to the neighbors farm across the hill and swipe a few from their tree – but only every other year.  The soup pot gets pulled out from its summer hiding place, and chicken noodle, chili, and stew are on the daily menu almost once a week. We drag out the hooded sweatshirts and sweaters for evenings that are crystal clear and cool.

2 responses to “Soup and Sweaters

  1. Nice blog, what are you doing up at 12:31am? “Sprinkle and a stinker” has not evolved any further than what is shown here. I broke a banjo string on vacation and that was the end of that for now. I suspect I’ll get that fixed when the snow starts? Our leaves are gone too and snow is in the forecast.

  2. I need to learn how to set the clock on my blog manager. I’m not usually functioning at 12:31 am. Sorry to hear about the banjo string. Anxiously awaiting the sequel to “Sprinkle and a Stinker.” Thanks for checking out the blog!

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