Railroad Trestle on Niobrara River
Railroad Trestle on Niobrara River

Welcome to my Blog!

Just something I wanted try – another item on the Bucket List.
We took a day trip to Niobrara to see the leaves turning color.  Little did we know – Niobrara is not a deciduous area.  For those of you who are familiar with some of our other trip adventures – the Idiots on Vacation (IOV’s) struck again. 
Be that as it may, we did salvage the trip.  We were able to stand on the highest point of Niobrara State park and see for miles and miles.  We also had to hang onto the shelter pretty tight because it was REALLY windy up there!  We also were able to see were the Missouri and Niobrara Rivers join.  Pretty impressive.  We hiked…yes, Hannah and I, nature girls that we are, participated…down to the old railroad trestle and hung out watching the currents and doing basically nothing. A gentle reminder that the best things in life are still free – or found for the price of a state park day pass.
Picked out the cabin that I want to visit.  It overlooks the Missouri river from a screened in porch complete with heat, air, and electricity.  My kind of camping. Just another place to hide out when things get crazy.
Enjoying the last few warm days of autumn with apples and turning leaves.  We can highly recommend a batch of homemade applesauce to warm you up after a brisk walk. 

One response to “Welcome!

  1. WOW! Glad to see you have not been standing still in any way!
    Miss having you around this little town, and look forward to attending at least one of your sessions in Norfolk. . . You are one amazing creative girl, and I hope I get a minute or two to talk to you in January. . . So glad to know you are in Fremont? Hope your family is getting along very well . . . Your girls were such a joy to work with when they were younger. When I noticed your name on the list of presenters, it really brought a smile to my face. I will be viewing this delightful site again over the Christmas holiday.

    My “Reading Engagement Forever” class is completing a book drive for Bright Horizons tomorrow a.m., so I have to get going now to set things up before school.

    I am still smiling to see all the many ways you are involved!!!!!!!!

    You have been a meaningful influence in my life during the time I have been in Nebraska. Thank you.

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